The Story of a Photographer

I am a passionate. I love to catch the image that create unforgettable memories.

I can be discreet when necessary

My dedication to this profession leads me to a lot of travels, always looking for important life moments to immortalize; Spain, Morocco, Italia, France or further away. There is so much more to discover! I'm not ready to stop.

Thanks to my travels I make new encounters, leave a memory of me through my images.

It is important for me that others can project themselves into my images, as I see them and feel them, and therefore to translate my photographic sensibility by these timelessly moments captured.

The art of photography, or how to express myself fully through my images, taught me many things, including humility, perseverance, observation and especially patience.

I was just a child when I discovered the silver photographic film thanks to the Canon of my parents. It didn’t take me long before biting them with their digital compact in order to take pictures of my family. I was part of several Belgian wedding photography associations, one of which I'm still active at the moment to share and spread this common passion and enthusiasm that photography brings us, as photographer.

After 10 years of practice, I finally jumped (5 years ago now) to embark on the adventure of portrait and wedding photographs on my own. I learned a lot, especially in the large world of entrepreneurship, which takes most of my working time.

My numerous experiences, through in the weddings, portraits, or events led me naturally to my current style and my way of capturing these specific moments in time.

“A camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye.”